Aside from readings, I am also looking into creating services for athletes.  One of the things I involve myself a great deal in is training my son for athletics.

Coming soon I will be starting a track team and track training services.


Below you can find a video of him running a 400 race after not running in a track meet for an entire year.  He ended up getting caught the last 40 yards but if you notice the lead he had hitting the 300 mark…

As children grow, their bodies change.  A lot of personal trainers/coaches don’t take that into consideration.  They assume putting on mass, in record pace etc…is going to produce the best results.  That is not true.  Prime example is the above…as my son is now putting on muscle.  Keeping him lean is actually what kept/keeps him fast.

There is a new concept in track and field that some people don’t comprehend.  Prime example would be the very guy who just broke the 300 record.

Wayne Van Niekerk – stands at around 6’1, 170 pounds

South Africa’s Wayne Van Niekerk Breaks World Record In 300 Metres Race

This is vindication in itself for the process I’ve used with my son.  For years folks associate mass with speed.  However…a 400, and even 200 runner don’t necessarily to better with MASS*


One on one basketball sessions for kids will be available as well.