The Holy Trinity “Deity”

Most don’t realize the real issues that prophets/prophetess began to have is channeling

other deities…


That is what you call the “OCCULT”…other deities*…the cards are not deities..they are cards.

Often what happens is some people get involved in witchcraft out of “curiosity” as they begin to explore their own gifts.  Most of the time it is the temptation of “more power…” that gets people involved in dangerous things.


The Holy Trinity…father, son, spirit(mind, body, spirit)…

is for a lack of better terms, the “correct” deity.


Gifts of the spirit, as you read in the BIBLE are meant to grow naturally…


What you’ll find in the Bible is mention of Jesus “speaking to himself…” as some of the disciples would say.  But what Jesus was doing was speaking to his “higher self…”  SPIRIT*…

The key is HIS* higher self.  Not another deity*

In essence your SPIRIT is the direct connect to God.


So the growth in spiritual gifts is, in essence a growing your connection to your higher self.(SPIRIT)

The lyrics I wrote…“Most keep going in circles and circles like lost luggage in baggage claim”


What I say is “I walk infinite, not on your fine line…”


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