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Want to Know If Someone Is a Psychopath? Listen for How Much They Discuss These 3 Topics

Psychopaths are also way less likely to discuss other common subjects, research reveals.

Unsurprisingly, the results showed psychopaths made more of an effort to justify their crimes, but the analysis also uncovered some less expected patterns. The truly psychopathic were twice as likely as non-psychopaths to discuss three topics in particular:

  • Food

  • Sex

  • Money

For a definitive answer, you’d need to evaluate a suspected psychopath on a long list of scientifically validated traits, such as egocentricity and lack of empathy and remorse. But that’s going to be pretty hard to do if you’re just trying to get a handle on how evil your new boss or co-worker is on the fly.

So what are the main topics discussed in hip hop music?   Then it’s supposedly cute when they say “so and so is not sorry…”  hahahahahhahahaha

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And these would be the same folks who embrace as friends and they “get each other…”

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