I have studied Astrology for many years and came up with PediAstrology as a way for parents to better understand their children.  The reason the Bible mentions stars, cosmic so often is for good reason*

A natal birth chart shows how the planetary positions at the time of birth truly effects us as individuals. 

This is a birth/natal astrological chart that is not cookie cutter. I take the time to give a detailed summary of your child’s birth chart. The objective in this is to understand certain tendencies in a child as well as some clues as to what they excel in…YES a chart can show you that.

Many people do not know of the Zoroastrians…which basically were the 3 kings…who discovered Jesus. They used tools like astrology/astronomy etc. Some of these “ancient ways,” as I call them were deemed taboo or occult. So many folks have been losing out.

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