When Devotion isn’t a good thing.

Please take note the difference between 3rd eye and illuminati

3rd eye is the gift of vision/pituitary gland…Illuminati is when folks get into the Greek* aspect of spirituality.

This video explains more about TRINITY. And why the danger is in when people don’t understand that devotion to other deities can be dangerous. Because it REQUIRES**** Devotion.

Devoted can be a bad thing if it’s too someone a little off.  So when you think of be married to an abuser…some deities are really ABUSERS***


TRINITY is optional…it’s not as do this or else DIE*  You see those like they are seeing stuff in their WAKE state…

That’s when ish has gone wild for them and they opened up things unnaturally. Wrecks and crazy ish starts happening around them. Anxious, nervous…seeing ish. Not a good thing.


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